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Shivam Trivedi

  My name is Shivam Trivedi, and I am currently an undergraduate student at Purdue University, majoring in Network Engineering Technology. I am a Student Systems Administrator at the Rosen Center for Advanced Computing, which is Purdue University's research (super)computing arm. Right now, I am working on a Bro Network Monitoring Cluster, which will improve network monitoring on Purdue Research Computing's 400Gbps internet link. At my job, I work on over 2500 servers, including Conte, one of the fastest university-owned computers in the world. I am also a teaching assistant in the Computer and Information Technology for CNIT240, the introductory course for Network Engineering Students.
  Apart from the Bro project at my work, I am trying to write a blog which chronicles my experience with experimenting new technology. I am also working on AutoInstall, a piece of software which aims to automatically install and configure various Open Source softwares on a single machine.
  During my free time, I love hiking, photography, and watching college sports. I love working on personal projects in my free time, most of which are hosted on my beloved server that I run in my room.

Who I Am

A Few Accomplishments

NCC 2017 Picture


  1. Dean's List for 3 straight years
  2. Founder of CIT Student Council. VP (2017-18). President (2018-19)
  3. Winner of the CyberForensics, Linux, and High Performance Computing Challenge at Purdue AITP's IT Career Day (2018)
  4. Honorable mention (4th place) in the Network Engineering Challenge at AITP's National Collegiate Conference (2017)
  5. Secretary of Purdue's CyberForensics Club (2016-17)

Conte - Supercomputer at Purdue


  1. Part of a NSF funded project to set up an IDS using Bro network monitoring on Purdue's 400Gbps Research Computing link
  2. Rated 4.7/5 and 4.9/5 as a Teaching Assistant for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 respectively
  3. Brought down the down-rate of computing clusters from over 20% to under 3% during my tenure at RCAC

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  1. Experienced with a variety of self-hosted softwares, including Email, CMSs, DNS, Web applications, Reverse Proxies, and more. I personally self-host a lot of things myself
  2. Working on my own software, Autoinstall.
  3. Currently, also working on my blog, which chronicles a few of the things I have worked with

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